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Concrete/Asphalt Keystone Coring 


Keystone Coring Services in Windsor

Keystone coring is a process used in many job sites for easy and non-disruptive access to lower layers of infrastructure. Phoenix Drilling Inc. offers asphalt keystone coring services in the Windsor region. We offer this as a stand-alone service for utility installation companies such as Aecon, Lightpath, or Sterling Ridge. Please contact us today to request a quote

What is Coring?

Coring is the name for the process of cutting small, surgical circular holes through a hard surface to access the infrastructure beneath it. This is largely used for utility operations but can also be beneficial for consumers and the public. Some of the benefits for consumers include less disruption and noise, faster repair times, fewer and shorter service interruptions, and reduced traffic blockages. 

18” diameter cores are the industry standard, but 24” diameter cores are also used when the application requires it. 


The Benefits of Keyhole Technology for Coring

Keyhole technology for coring has many benefits. It is much friendlier for the environment and also easier on the crews. It saves a substantial amount of money for both the community and utility companies when compared to traditional methods. 

Learn more about the benefits of using coring technology:


  • Coring equipment is capable of quickly cutting through all types of road systems and sidewalks with a minimum of effort

  • After just 30 minutes from the core being reinstated, the road can be safely reopened to traffic

  • Fewer complaints from municipalities about traffic disruption, unsightly road cuts, sunken patches or weakened or failed roads

  • Permanent pavement repair means reduced traffic disruption with fewer and shorter road closings and no repeat visits

  • Keyhole coring and reinstatement emit less than 1/6 of the amount of greenhouse gases than conventional methods leaving a smaller carbon footprint

  • No large excavation equipment means less noise and mess and reduced disruption for neighbours

  • Easy to Operate: No extensive training is required to operate the coring unit

  • Work-safe engineered equipment and non-hazardous bonding materials

  • Coring equipment is capable of quickly cutting through all types of road systems and sidewalks with a minimum of effort

  • Pavement reinstatement means simplified scheduling, no temporary patching or repaving and no repeat visits

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Phoenix Drilling Inc. has over 3 decades of experience in helping homeowners with all their drainage needs.

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