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Equipment Rentals 

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Truck and Heavy Equipment Rentals for Small Operations in Windsor

Most industrial and construction jobs require heavy equipment to be used. However, for smaller businesses and contractors, owning that equipment themselves is unfeasible. That’s why we offer truck and other heavy equipment rentals for these businesses throughout the Windsor area. You can trust Phoenix Drilling Inc. to provide your operation with everything you need to finish your projects.

We have a diverse fleet of equipment for rent, including:

  • Triaxle dump trucks

  • Backhoes

  • Excavators

  • Float moves for heavy equipment

  • Directional drills with skilled operators

  • And more

We rent our equipment by the hour. To learn more about what equipment we can provide you and to get an estimate on renting our equipment, please give us a call today.  

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Phoenix Drilling Inc. has over 3 decades of experience in helping homeowners with all their drainage needs.

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