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Hydrovac Services 

Daylighting utilities and making a larger space for the drill to bring new utilities to th

Hydrovac Services That Get the Job Done in Windsor

Hydrovac is a fast and efficient way to locate and expose underground lines. Also known as ‘daylighting’, it has become common for it to be mandatory for many job sites due to it being safer and less disruptive than traditional excavation. Phoenix Drilling Inc. is the hydrovac expert in Windsor. 

Hydrovac is used for a range of purposes including:

  • Locating and exposing sewer lines

  • Digging holes for light poles and hydro poles

  • Trenching in spots where traditional excavating cannot be done

  • Catch basins

  • Removal of wastewater for commercial industry (CNC water jets, water from industrial plants that cannot go down drains, etc)

  • And more

Hydrovac is also a less intrusive way to install cleanouts for property owners. Homeowners love the fact that there is such minimal disturbance on their property. 

To talk to us about your next hydrovac job and to request an estimate, please give us a call today. 

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Phoenix Drilling Inc. has over 3 decades of experience in helping homeowners with all their drainage needs.

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